Golden Gate Park Free Shuttle

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The free Golden Gate Park shuttle operates seven days a week. Newly expanded shuttle service includes a route from Haight and Stanyan streets, along JFK Drive, to Transverse Drive, with stops along the way at some of the park's most popular attractions. People with disabilities who drive to the park can catch the shuttle by parking at accessible parking spaces near several of these locations (see below). 

Shuttle Operating Hours*

GGP Shuttle SIMPLE MAP_September 2022

Shuttle stops include:

  • Haight/Stanyan, located on Haight Street next to Whole Foods; Connects to SFMTA lines 7 and 33.
  • McLaren Lodge (eastbound route only; Stanyan & JFK Drive, 501 Stanyan Street; accessible parking and parking lot available) 
  • Peacock Meadow/Entwined (additional stop added during the run of Entwined, until mid-March, 2023)
  • Tennis Center/Dahlia Dell (Nancy Pelosi Drive & JFK Promenade; accessible parking available on Nancy Pelosi Drive)
  • Conservatory of Flowers (Conservatory Drive West & JFK Promenade)
  • de Young/Tea Garden (eastbound route only; Music Concourse loop; accessible parking in garage below)
  • Accessible Parking Lot
  • Cal Academy (eastbound route only; Music Concourse loop; accessible parking in garage below)
  • 10th Avenue/Music Concourse (JFK Promenade near the 10th Avenue entrance; connects to SFMTA line 5R; accessible parking available on Fulton Street)
  • Rose Garden (JFK Promenade near Park Presidio; Connects to SFMTA line 28 via 800-ft. path to Fulton/Park Presidio)
  • Transverse Drive (JFK and Transverse Drive; accessible parking available)
  • Stow Lake Boathouse (accessible parking and parking lot available)

Simplified route map

Shuttle stop names and numbers:

#Stop name
Stow Lake Boathouse
2Rose Garden
310th Avenue/Music Concourse
4de Young/Tea Garden
5Accessible Parking Lot
6Cal Academy
7Conservatory of Flowers
8Tennis Center/Dahlia Dell
9McLaren Lodge
10Haight Stanyan
11Peacock Meadow/Entwined
12Tennis Center/Dahlia Dell
13Conservatory of Flowers
1410th Avenue/Music Concourse
15Rose Garden

Accessible Parking

GGP Disable Parking Spaces_2022_1102-02

Accessible parking is available at the following locations:

  • Haight/Stanyan
  • McLaren Lodge
  • Accessible Parking Lot (behind the Golden Gate Bandshell)
  • Music Concourse Garage (with access at Fulton & 10th Ave, and MLK Drive & Music Concourse Dr)
  • MLK Drive & Music Concourse
  • 10th Avenue and JFK Drive
  • Stow Lake Boathouse
  • JFK Promenade & Transverse Drive

For more information and resources, visit our Accessibility Questions page