Busking in Golden Gate Park


  1. The Busking in Parks Program creates opportunities for musicians and other performers to perform in Golden Gate Park. The goal is to provide structure and allow performers to schedule locations where they know they can perform and will not be concerned about permitting and disturbing others.

What is busking? 

  1. Busking is the activity of playing music in the street or another public place for voluntary donations.
  2. A busking performer is defined as an individual or group who performs in a public area, for the purpose of providing public entertainment and self-expression. Performing shall not include: (1) the provision of personal services such as hair weaving or massage; (2) the completion or other partial creation of visual art; (3) the creation of visual art which is mass produced or produced with limited variation; (4) the creation of handcrafts, (5) or activities regulated by the SF Health Department. This list of exclusions is not intended to be exhaustive. 


  1. Requirements to participate include: photo identification, contact information, performance description, and application administrative fee.
  2. A license shall be issued to each applicant (individual or group) in exchange for a completed and approved application.
  3. The license holder and their group (if applicable) may only perform during permitted dates and times at designated locations.
  4. Application Administrative Fee (non-refundable): $80 per year.
  5. Amplified Sound Not Allowed (no use of any speaker larger than 24 watts). However, we offer open mic opportunities with amplified sound separate from the Busking in Golden Gate Park program. If you are interested in performing with amplified sound, please let us know by completing the application here and indicating your interest.

Available Locations

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  1. A map of designated locations is available here (and in PDF)
  2. Performers will select specific dates and times and share locations with other performers.

Interested in busking in Golden Gate Park? 

Please apply here.