Getting to the Great Highway


The Great Highway’s multi-use path and its promenade when open to walking is accessible via east-west streets from:

  • Golden Gate Park: Fulton Street, John F. Kennedy Drive, and Lincoln Way
  • Sunset District: Judah, Lawton, Noriega, Pacheco, Rivera, Taraval, Vicente, and Sloat 
  • Richmond District: Point Lobos Avenue and Balboa Street


A virtually car-free route through Golden Gate Park via JFK Promenade and the western promenade including parts of MLK Drive connects San Francisco with Ocean Beach and the Great Highway. View these routes and maps at the Golden Gate Park slow street page

Bike routes are also available via: 

  • Sunset District: Kirkham, Ortega, Vicente, and Sloat 
  • Golden Gate Park: John F. Kennedy Drive, and MLK Drive (promenade) via Lincoln Way
  • Richmond District: Point Lobos Avenue and Cabrillo Street

The multi-use path between the Upper and Lower Great Highway is open to cycling. Please be courteous to people walking when passing.


Current bus and train lines to the Great Highway include:

Richmond District: 

  • 31 Balboa
  • 5 Fulton
  • 18-46th Ave

Sunset District: 

  • N Judah
  • L Taraval
  • 7-Haight/Noriega
  • 23-Monterey
  • 48-Quintara/24th St
  • 18-46th Ave (with stops within 3 blocks of Great Highway)

For more information visit SFMTA's trip planning page


  • To visit and park at the Great Highway by car there are parking lots with ADA accessible parking located at the north and south ends. 
  • The northern parking lot is located off the Great Highway between Lincoln Way and John F. Kennedy Drive across from the western end of Golden Gate Park.
  • The southern parking lot is located at the Great Highway and Sloat Boulevard, with parking also available along Sloat Boulevard.
  • The Great Highway can also be visited by driving it. Note that between Lincoln Way and Sloat Boulevard, there is no parking, and no access to the Sunset District.