Crocker Amazon Soccer Fields Project


Synthetic turf was installed at Crocker Amazon Soccer Fields over ten years ago. This field is at the end of its useful life and is in need of replacement.

Scope of Work

Replace turf, turf infill, and turf underlayment pads; improvements and repairs to the existing perimeter fence and gate systems; replace select site furnishings; and accessibility improvements at parking lot and pathways. Green synthetic turf fields shown with white goals and trees in background

Funding Source

Funding comes from the Recreation and Parks Department General Fund and the City Fields Foundation.

Thank You

Thank you for your patience while we complete these improvements.

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  1. Crocker Amazon Fields Project Update 1/23!

    The fencing work for this project was completed in August 2022 and the . . . Read on...
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  1. Omar Davis

    Project Manager