Restroom Repair & Renovation Program

Restroom Renovation RenderingDescription

When we were preparing for the 2008 Bond, we asked the community what you would like to see updated. We heard you - clean and accessible restrooms in every City park! A well-maintained and safe restroom makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying your park visit.

As a part of our Restroom Repair and Renovation Program, we are directing over $11 million in 2008 Bond funding to help 50+ park restrooms across the City in disrepair. Through our program, we will have upgraded nearly 25 restrooms with improvements like automatic door unlocking mechanisms, environmentally friendly fixtures, graffiti-proof surfaces, easy-to-clean and maintain facility components, and clear signage.


A Restroom Task Force was established in early 2009 to assess and incorporate the community's facility needs into program goals. In September 2009, we approved the prototype restroom model proposed by the taskforce.

Access the entire Taskforce Report (PDF).

Completed Restrooms

  • Bayview Playground Restroom Renovation
  • Great Highway Restroom Renovation (includes Judah and Taraval site)
  • Larsen Playground Restroom Renovation
  • Marina Green - West Restroom Renovation
  • McLaren Park Restroom Renovation
  • Michelangelo Playground Restroom Renovation
  • Noe Courts Restroom Renovation
  • Portsmouth Square Restroom Renovation
  • Rossi Playground Restroom Renovation
  • States Street Restroom Renovation
  • Washington Square Restroom Renovation

In the Design or Construction Phase

  • Alamo Square Improvement Project
  • DuPont Courts Restroom Renovation