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Accommodations Request and Additional Information Form

  1. Note on Therapeutic Recreation Assessments

    A current "leisure interests and functional abilities" assessment, completed by one of our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, is required for participation in our Therapeutic Recreation programs and camps, and for any child to receive extra staff support. The information collected is used to help us best support your child and help your child have a successful experience. We will contact you after you complete this form if you need to update or complete a new assessment. Failure to complete the assessment can result in removal from the program or camp.

  2. Registration(s)*

    Is your child already registered for a current or upcoming program or camp with SF Recreation and Parks? Check "yes" even if your child is on a waiting list.

  3. Accommodations requested*

    Please check all that apply. Use the box below to submit details.

  4. Please enter additional accommodations requested and details here.

  5. If you have any information you can share that will help us support your child, as well as any updates if your child is already in our system, please use the field above.

  6. If you have anything you would like to attach to help us get to know your child better, or if you would like to share your registration receipt(s) please upload here

  7. Type your full name here to acknowledge that you have read and understand the following statement. "I understand that SF Recreation and Park's staffing capacity is very limited, and if I submit a request for extra staff support there is no guarantee my child will receive it. Further, I understand that even if I receive extra staff support, there is no guarantee it will be available every day of camp, due to factors outside Rec and Park's control, such as the staff person assigned to my child being absent. In addition, I understand that all children participating in the SF Recreation and Park summer 2021 program must be independent with personal care (such as toileting), taking any medication (other than emergency medication), unless I provide my own aide, and must follow SF Recreation and Park's behavioral guidelines." Follow the link below to read our Summer Day Camp FAQs for details of the above information.*

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