What is urban agriculture?

Urban Agriculture includes the use of land for farming and horticulture (the growing of vegetables, fruits, and flowers), apiaries (you can keep bees), and animal and poultry husbandry (you can keep baby goats and/or chickens). You can even have a greenhouse in San Francisco! Urban Agriculture allows an avenue for us to increase access to healthy local food, beautify our city, promote healthy recreation and physical activities, build stronger communities, activate green space, and develop a sustainable connection with the environment.

San Francisco has passed legislation to facilitate Urban Agriculture, in particular for the purpose of all types of gardening - gardens which are cooperatively cultivated and maintained by individuals or neighborhood groups. Urban Agriculture takes many forms, but in general, the resources available in San Francisco include opportunities to:

  • Start your own private garden
  • Start your own community garden or farm
  • Operate a plot in an existing community garden
  • Volunteer in a community garden


The benefits of Urban Agriculture are also numerous, but include:

  • Improving local skills
  • Protecting the environment
  • Reaping real economic benefits, including the ability to buy and sell healthy, local food, as well as seeing increased property values in spaces with urban agriculture
  • Promote health and physical activity
  • Grow community connections
  • Teach a new generation
  • Address food security and food justice through food production
  • Increasing our local food systems resilience while helping combat climate change

You can visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website for more information on history, policies, and benefits related to urban agriculture, particularly around the movement to restore brownfields, or abandoned or unused land, to vibrant spaces for the community.

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