How do I start my own garden or urban farm?

If you are interested in transforming an urban space into a community garden, view a guide (PDF) to key considerations on the process in the city of San Francisco.

Also, The San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance - a collective of advocacy groups, community gardens, urban agriculture education groups, urban farms, and miscellaneous urban agriculture projects - has created a great guidebook detailing all of the steps necessary to start your own garden or urban farm.

Factors to Consider When Thinking of Starting Your Own Garden or Farm

  • Finding Land: Regulations and processes for starting and maintaining your own garden will vary, depending on whether the land is privately or publically owned. You’ll have to use your own land, or broker a deal with someone who owns land.
  • Intended Use: Home gardens, gardens and urban farms on privately-owned land, neighborhood agriculture (less than one acre in size), large-scale urban agriculture (greater than one acre in size).
  • Plans for Yield: Decisions on what you do with your produce yield -whether you donate or sell it- is also a consideration.

City Departments you may need to work with in order to start your project include, but are not limited to the City Planning Department, the Department of Building Inspection, the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Investigation, and the Recreation and Park Department.

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