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Golden Gate Park- Skatin' Place

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A popular destination for local and visiting roller skaters alike, Skatin' Place in Golden Gate Park is located on JFK Drive near 6th Avenue and Fulton.

A ground mural featuring a golden roller skate surrounded by a psychedelic pattern may add new color to a legendary skating spot in Golden Gate Park after the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission voted unanimously to approve the final design in December 2021 

The 28-foot by 93-foot oval mural planned for the asphalt of Skatin’ Place, the park’s outdoor skating rink between 6th Avenue and John F. Kennedy Drive, will next go before the San Francisco Arts Commission for final review. Created by Bay Area artist and longtime Golden Gate Park skater Aimee Bruckner, the design honors San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, and the park’s roller skating history with a counterculture-themed color scheme, a reference to the Golden Gate Bridge and a roller skate in the center circle 

The simple design supports spatial orientation for skaters to maintain their balance as they glide around and over it. The mural would be created using yellow, orange, red, teal, and purple asphalt acrylic paint, a durable material that resists fading or peeling from heavy use. A weather resistant sports coating system would allow simple maintenance and retouching. 

The project is a collaboration between the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and David Miles Jr., founder of the Church of 8 Wheels and longtime skating advocate and steward of Skatin’ Place. The Church of 8 Wheels and Rec and Park hosted two community meetings to solicit feedback and ideas on design proposals.