San Francisco-Based Youth Teams

  1. Participation: Only San Francisco (SF) residents may participate in the program.
  2. Scholarships: The program must have a scholarship program that ensures players are not denied participation because of ability to pay
    1. The program must offer a 100% scholarship to any participant eligible for a 100% scholarship under Recreation and Parks Department (RPD) scholarship rules provided that a payment of up to 10% of fees may be required to show commitment
      1. In the event that a program receives 100% scholarship requests exceeding 10% of its total participants, it may restrict the number of scholarships by a lottery or other unbiased mechanism
    2. The program must offer a 50% reduction in all fees for any participant that is eligible for a 50% scholarship under RPD scholarship rules.
  3. Not for Profit: The program must be a non-profit (501c) with an Internal Revenue System (IRS) determination letter.
  4. No Compensation to Organizers
    1. For all programs, no compensation from program fees may be paid to the organizer or organizers or their family members from program fees or to any coaches
      1. Family Members include:
        1. Children
        2. Grandparents
        3. Grandchildren
        4. Parents
        5. Spouses or domestic partners
    2. Exception: This requirement shall not apply to any program that receives specific funding from the DCYF children’s fund for its league operations
  5. Disclosure: The program must provide transparent, detailed information regarding fees, costs, programs, tryouts, playing time rules and guest polices. Such information must be provided to any interested parent, posted on a website and submitted to RPD prior to opening registration.
  6. No Financial Benefit: The program must provide detailed financial information including compensation information to demonstrate that it meets the fundamental Approved Public Benefit Programs (APBO) requirement that it is not be running for the financial profit of any individual or to fund other operations or programs.
  7. Field Allocations: Field allocations may be limited especially during after school hours. School programs are expected to use their own facilities.

Program Applications

Program applications must be submitted 60 days in advance of commencing registration or announcing fees for each season of play (fall, winter, spring, summer). Applications must demonstrate that programs meet the eligibility criteria set forth above and also include the following information:

  •   All fees, expenses and services
  •   Dates of participant registration
  •   Method for allocating scholarships
  •   Season of Play
  •   Size of fields needed and length of time