Recreation Facilities

UPDATE: A limited number our recreation facilities are open for drop-in activities on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the summer. Certain recreation facilities will also continue to be open on weeknights for specific programming, including Peace Parks and late night basketball leagues. 

We anticipate reopening the remaining recreation centers, which will include weekdays and fall programming, after Labor Day in September. Golden Gate Park Senior Center will continue virtual programming through the fall. 

Note that as of Tuesday, August 3, masks must be worn indoors at all times by visitors (vaccinated and unvaccinated) to our recreation facilities. 

For the recreation center schedules for the summer, click the link below.  

Recreation Center Schedules Beginning July 17

Located throughout the city, our full-service recreation centers provide a wide array of registered and drop-in activities for visitors of all ages, including classes for tots, after school programs for youth, and dance and fitness classes for adults. They offer space for meetings, birthday parties and events, and act as vital community hubs for our neighbors. Recreation centers typically include gymnasiums, community rooms and outdoor recreation facilities, while our more specialized recreation sites include a science museum, art studios and a photography center featuring the oldest public darkroom in the United States.