Stow Lake Perimeter Path Renovation

Description A puddle of water sits on a deteriorated pathway.

Stow Lake is popular destination in Golden Gate Park for strolling, boating and picnicking. The existing asphalt path that circles the perimeter of the lake has deteriorated and is in need of repair. The project’s design will keep the perimeter path in its current alignment to minimize impact on the overall site and the landscaping. Additionally, the site furnishings will be refurbished.

Scope of Work

The intent of this project is to renovate the existing perimeter path at Stow Lake and the site furnishings, including benches and picnic tables to achieve ADA compliance. The construction will be performed in two phases so that half of the perimeter path will be open at all times. No work will be occurring in the area in front of the Boathouse. Eight trees adjacent to the path will be removed based on an arborist’s assessment of the trees’ risk ratings and condition or due to construction impacts. The trees will all be re-planted in a 2:1 ratio.

Funding Source

This project is being funded by multiple sources including the following:

  • Recovery Stimulus and Critical Repairs
  • General Fund
  • Mayor’s Office on Disability


We are currently wrapping up the design phase of the ADA Perimeter Path Project. Later this year, we will be advertising the project to potential bidders. We aim to award the construction contract by Spring/Summer of 2022. The project is anticipated to be complete by early 2023.  

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    Stow Lake Perimeter Path Project Update 12/17!

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    Stow Lake Perimeter Path Project Update 11/18!

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  1. Alexis Ward

    Project Manager