Guest Berthing Info and Requests

Current Guest Berthing Rates:   August through October $4/ft LOA PER NIGHT  -  November through July $2/ft LOA PER NIGHT

Guest Berth Request

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  2. Vessel Type:
  3. * LOA is LENGTH OVERALL including any protrusion. This is not the water line or the deck line of the vessel.
  4. * Limited Availability for 40 foot vessels or larger please call 415-831-6322 to view availability
  5. Guest Berthing Refund Policy

    The San Francisco Marina does not issue refunds for cancelled guest reservations. You will receive a 60-day credit, starting from your reserved departure date, in the amount of your cancelled reservation. No exceptions, i.e. weather, mechanical issues, etc.

    We understand that boating is unpredictable! There are no cancellation fees or penalties for last minute cancellations. 

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