Ocean Beach Climate Change Adaptation Project

Ocean Beach current view facing North showing erosion and temporary barrier wall


The Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation Project (OBCCAP) is situated along the Great Highway south of Sloat and north of Skyline. The Great Highway passes through Recreation and Park Department property in this area. Recreational and open space elements planned for this soon to be former roadway include a multi-use trail, restroom, beach access stairs and a parking lot, and are a part of the SFPUC’s Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation Project, which is in its design phase.

Goals of the Recreational and Open Space Project Elements of the OBCCAP

  • Connect Coastal trail from the Great Highway to Lake Merced for use by pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Provide pedestrian access to the shore; and­­
  • Provide replacement parking to access the shore.

Ocean Beach Overview graphic describing the project area changes by section

Project Overview

Ocean Beach south of Sloat has experienced significant erosion during the past 15 years. The SPUR Ocean Beach Master Plan outlines a managed retreat strategy to allow for some retreat of the coastline, while still protecting important city infrastructure, namely Public Utilities Commission wastewater pipes and associated infrastructure. The strategy includes four key aspects: 

1. Buried seawall to protect the Lake Merced Tunnel; 

2. Creation of multi-use trail and parking; 

3. Roadway changes and intersection improvements.

4. Replace the Sloat Restroom with a new restroom building.

The Recreation and Park Department worked with the National Park Service, SFMTA, Public Works, PUC, and other government agencies to develop the Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation Project. Recreation and Park’s proposed improvements to the area include adding a new multi-use trail for pedestrian and bike access between Sloat and Skyline - connecting a link along the shoreline that is currently missing, and replacing coastal parking.

More information about the coordinated effort to address Ocean Beach adaptation efforts can be found on the San Francisco Planning Department's Ocean Beach website.

Recreational & Open Space Project Elements

Multi-Use Path

  1. Build a multi-use path and replacement restroom in a closed portion of Great Highway; 
  2. Build a replacement parking lot; 
  3. Create plaza near Sloat and Great Highway; and
  4. Open trail to connect to beach and existing trail network once tunnel work completed.

Ocean Beach Trail graphic rendering showing the future trail with many people doing various activiti

Project Partners

  • SPUR
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • San Francisco Public Works
  • San Francisco Planning Department
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
  • National Park Service: Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA)
  • Caltrans (California Department of Transportation)
  • California Coastal Commission


Funding source amounts to be determined based on final scope, but may include:

  • 2020 Health and Recovery Bond 
  • San Francisco Office of Resilience and Capital Planning 

Project Schedule

Open to the public2028

Project Updates

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