Open Play

We have designated open play hours at designated fields that are intended for use by neighborhood residents.

The fields are:

  • Beach Chalet
  • Crocker Soccer
  • Garfield
  • Kimbell
  • Minnie Lovie
  • Mission Playground
  • Silver Terrace
  • South Sunset


Accordingly, hours are not posted online but at the fields to ensure neighborhood access. Please note that play is limited to ground sports (soccer) except that South Sunset and Minnie Lovie can accommodate youth (under 10 baseball)

In addition, we periodically post other designated open play times for specific needs (for instance in the summer we have posted available high school baseball fields that can be used during the day by students on summer vacation).


Please note that all organized practices and games (including publicized pick-up sessions) need a permit as it is not fair to have a number of players arrive at a field and conflict with other users. In addition, it ensures fields are not used when they are closed for maintenance or used for activities for which they are not suitable.