Lake Merced 2012 Bond Project

Lake Merced in the FogScope of Work

Renovation of pathways on the North side of the lake, from Skyline Blvd & Harding Road, around to Lake Merced Blvd & Winston Drive. Improvements to include repaving, walls on the lake side of the pathway for erosion control, new plantings, outdoor fitness equipment and seating areas. Along John Muir Blvd at the southern portion of the lake (where the concrete bridge is) a new outdoor fitness area will be installed, along with related planting and seating. Many trees have been removed after a thorough tree assessment that concluded that these trees were in declining health and potential safety hazard. Rec- Park will replace all removed trees at a 2:1 ratio. 


The 2012 Parks Bond allocated $2M to this project, $1M from a California Natural Resources Agency Grant secured by California Assemblymen Phil Ting, and additional funding from the Rec Park Forestry fund.


Community Engagement and Concept Design2018-2019
DesignEarly 2020 - Early 2021
Tree WorkJanuary 2020 - Summer 2020
ConstructionSpring 2022 - Summer 2023
Lake Merced Joint Agency Project Updates Community MeetingFebruary 17, 2022

Lake Merced Joint (RPD/MTA/PUC) City Agency Project Updates

In addition to the main project above Rec and Park and other City Departments are working on the following projects that may be of interest.

Recreation and Parks (RPD) Projects

Lake Merced West

Lake Merced North Boat Dock (completed) 

Municipal Transportation Authority (MTA) Projects

Pedestrian Safety Project: 

Quick Build Project:

Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Projects

Water Stabilization and Water Quality Monitoring:

Presentation from Community Meeting (February 17, 2022)

Community Meeting FAQs (FEB 2022)

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Other Active Projects

Ocean Beach Climate Change Adaptation Project:

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  1. Capital Project Update

    Lake Merced Joint City Agency Project Updates Meeting February 17th!

    Please join Recreation and Parks, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), and the Municipal Transportation Authority (MTA) for a . . . Read on...
  2. Capital Project Update
  3. Capital Project Update


    Trees will be removed as part of the trail and restroom project at Lake Merced beginning Monday, February 17, 2020 Read on...
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