Hayes Valley Playground Improvement Project

Kids at Hayes Valley Playground

Community members participated in a 6-month design process with the end result: a park that local residents-young and old-love.

Playground Features

  • 2,500 square feet clubhouse
  • Community garden plots
  • Outdoor fitness equipment for adults
  • Play areas for school-aged children and tots
  • A stage and plaza for community gatherings

The new design also employs sustainable features including a living roof on the clubhouse, water saving drought-tolerant plants, recycled denim insulation, and solar panels for radiant floor heating. The park re-opened on June 11, 2011.

A quarter-acre playground and clubhouse, Hayes Valley Playground is located in a diverse, community-oriented San Francisco neighborhood. The park's clubhouse is a regular gathering space for residents and provides much needed programming, especially for youth from nearby public housing developments.