Stern Grove Emergency Repairs


On August 23, 2021, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) crews were fixing a leaking air valve on a 54-inch pipeline when the air valve casing failed. Water spewed into air and into adjacent areas, including Sigmund Stern Grove.  

The SFPUC deployed several emergency contracts to clear debris, remove hazard trees, dry out and restore any damaged structures, and stabilize the hillside beneath the break.

The park's tennis courts and horseshoe pits are currently closed to accommodate work on this project. The remainder of Stern Grove is closed for the removal of hazardous trees by Recreation and Park crews.

Project Cost

Approximately $4 million

Project Schedule

Construction: August 2021 - Late 2023

Visit SFPUC's Project Website for more information.

Looking for other tennis courts to play on during construction?

Visit our tennis court reservation page for a list of courts that can be reserved for free.