Sue Bierman Playground Vandalism Repairs

BackgroundSue Bierman Playground fire damage

A fire at Sue Bierman Playground in October 2021 resulted in damage to the park's play structure. The damage mainly impacted the boat structure and parts of the safety surfacing. The rest of the playground remains safe and structurally stable.

Rec and Park is currently working to rebuild the structure and make improvements to the surfacing. This is also providing us an opportunity to replace the rubber safety surface for the entire playground with new safety surface turf. Rec and Park has been working with the original architects for this site, and we have an agreed upon replacement for the KOMPAN play structure that has been designed with feedback from community members. The new play structure is currently going through final plan review, which will be followed by a search for a contractor to install.  

Project Schedule

Construction2022 - 2023
Open to the publicWinter 2023

Project Updates

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